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Thank you for the kind words: Alin & Elizabeth
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Audi Repair Reviews Edmonton – Eurotekk Audi Repair Reviews Edmonton – Eurotekk

Alin’s approach to automotive service has always been to take the time to ensure that you know exactly what service your car requires, and to explain why it is recommended, and to back up his service and expertise with an extraordinary warranty. Over the years, this approach has established Alin as a skilled and honest mechanic that you can trust with your high-performance BMW, Mercedes, or Audi.

To further this commitment to their customers, Eurotekk Automotive and Performance offers two-year/40,000 KM service warranty on most parts and labour.

Why choose Eurotekk for your Audi repair & maintenance?

  • 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on most our parts and labour
  • Alin Marinescu has over 30 years’ of German automotive repair experience
  • Services on BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi
  • ASE and Red Seal certifications
  • Fair prices on parts and labour
  • Courtesy Wi-Fi for our customers
  • Elegant and comfortable waiting area

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance specializes in servicing, Mercedes, BMW
and Audi automobiles. We pride ourselves on providing quality and excellence in all that we do.

Edmonton Audi Repair
Audi Repair
Repair – Maintenance – Customization
30+ years experience

9327 35 Ave. (South Edmonton) 

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – Audi repair review – Edmonton – by David

“…saved me from more expensive repairs.”

I would like to start off by saying, thank you! I found Eurotekk while I was looking for alternative service providers for my model of vehicle. There aren’t many in Edmonton, but Alin’s shop was new to me and I have had poor results from the existing service centers. So I decided to try Eurotekk out with a simple oil change. I must admit, that I was rather leery as to what I was expecting because I had found them via the internet and that I have a rather rare car that requires a degree of skill that is not very common. But I am happy to say that the service I received from Eurotekk was beyond my expectations. For that reason, I asked Alin to diagnose an issue I had with my transmission and he took the time to check every alternative to try to save me money. Turns out that the issue was a rather pricey fix in the end, but that was an unfortunate circumstance and absolutely no fault of Alin’s. in fact, in the long run, Alin’s help has likely saved me from more expensive repairs. Alin is a true enthusiast and professional, he is very patient and engaging. He takes the time to explain why he does things and he takes pride in his work and it shows. Bottom line, if you are looking to service your german import, Alin and Eurotekk will provide 3 things: superior service, fair prices and a quality repair. I would not hesitate to recommend him and his work. In fact I have encouraged all my colleagues who own german imports to go see Eurotekk if they need any service done. Thanks again Alin, I hope I don’t have to see you too often, but I’m glad that you will be around when I do.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – Audi repair review – Edmonton – by Don S.

“Alin is very professional and competent.”

It is always a pleasure to deal with Alin at EUROTEKK.
He takes the time to explain options or trouble shoot any symptoms.
Alin is very professional and competent. Respectful of my time and his prices are competitive.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – Audi repair review – Edmonton – by Liana S.

“His prices are fair and his service impeccable.”

I have an Audi A4 that had a cylinder misfiring. I took it to two mechanics that couldn’t find the problem. We found Alin and based on the reviews decided to try him. He was excellent. He was very thorough and was able to diagnose the problem right away. Alin also takes the time to explain what is wrong with the car and provides simple recommendations for keeping your car running at optimal performance. His prices are fair and his service impeccable. Highly recommended!.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – Audi repair review – Edmonton – by Ryan T.

“…timely, transparant, and reasonably priced.”

I own a 2013 A4 Audi. It has been serviced at Eurotekk since it was new. I have found the service to be timely, transparent, and reasonably priced.
My expectation is that I will continue to service my vehicle at Eurotekk.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – Audi repair review – Edmonton – by Dave K.

“The level of workmanship is at the highest standards…”

THE BEST EUROPEAN AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE IN EDMONTON !!! Being from the automotive industry myself I found the service and care for my vehicle to be exquisite. Alin at Eurotekk is strongly focused on great customer service. I appreciate when he takes the time to educate and inform me on vehicle issues and overall preventative maintenance. Often times we as people are mislead when we visit auto repair facilities because we just pay an expensive bill and that’s that we don’t actually understand exactly what we pay for. You know the saying “you get what you pay for”. Will At Eurotekk it’s done right ! When you pay you not only get the fix but you get educated. Alin does not hold back and will explain any questions you have to remove any or all doubt. The level of workmanship is at the highest standards and if you look under the hood of my car it proves. Alin did above and beyond work that I recognized right away and at that moment I realized Eurotekk just won me as a client!

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – Audi repair review – Edmonton – by Christine M.

“I’m very happy with the service and I will be bringing it back to them from now on.”

My husband and I had the unfortunate event of having to replace our transmission in our Audi all road and up until this point no one we’ve ever dealt with really knew how to take care of this vehicle (other than having to go to dealership, which neither of us really wanted to do anyway) Either they don’t have the proper tools or they’re not quite sure how to fix the problem, this has been extremely frustrating and at times has literally been exhausting.

My husband found Eurotekk online and we decided to bring the car to Alin to replace our transmission. After some unfortunate unforeseen events (transmission we were going to receive was broken before Alin received it and therefore he needed to find another one for us) and a long wait, Alin finally received our transmission and dedicated his time to install the new transmission and get it back to me as soon as he could. Despite the wait, which neither I or Alin could have prevented he was very timely and incredibly knowledgeable about everything being done and he took the time to explain everything to me. I’ve now had my car back for a couple days now and it runs beautifully. I’m very happy with the service and I will be bringing it back to them from now on.
Anyone having troubles finding a educated experienced mechanic that specializes in German vehicles absolutely needs to visit Eurotekk.

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