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Alin’s approach to automotive service has always been to take the time to ensure that you know exactly what service your car requires, and to explain why it is recommended, and to back up his service and expertise with an extraordinary warranty. Over the years, this approach has established Alin as a skilled and honest mechanic that you can trust with your high-performance BMW, Mercedes, or Audi.

To further this commitment to their customers, Eurotekk Automotive and Performance offers two-year/40,000 KM service warranty on most parts and labour.

Why choose Eurotekk for your BMW repair & maintenance?

  • 2 year/24,000 mile warranty on most our parts and labour
  • Alin Marinescu has over 30 years’ of German automotive repair experience
  • Services on BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi
  • ASE and Red Seal certifications
  • Fair prices on parts and labour
  • Courtesy Wi-Fi for our customers
  • Elegant and comfortable waiting area

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance specializes in servicing, Mercedes, BMW
and Audi automobiles. We pride ourselves on providing quality and excellence in all that we do.

Edmonton BMW Repair
BMW Repair  
Repair – Maintenance – Customization
30+ years experience

9327 35 Ave. (South Edmonton) 

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton – by Jennifer R.

“I will definitely be returning to Alin for all my oil changes and servicing.”

I took my 2006 BMW to another shop close by because it was leaking an insane amount of oil. I paid a lot of money and the leak came back in 6 weeks. Alin fixed the leak and repaired the damage done by the other shop. He was professional enough not to point fingers or blame the other mechanic. He just politely showed me why I was leaking so much oil and how he would fix it. The leak has not returned and I will definitely be returning to Alin for all my oil changes and servicing. There are not a lot of mechanics that a female who knows nothing about engines or vehicle maintenance can go to without feeling like she is being taken advantage of. Thanks Alin! See you soon.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton – by Edwin M.

”…i found a place where i can be very comfortable.”

We Bought our BMW X5 about 2 years ago (I believe) and we got it from a private sale. Shortly after we purchased the vehicle we felt something was wrong . We took it to the BMW dealership and had it inspected for the problems . After the inspection the amount we needed to have the repair done at the dealership was substantial so we called around to find out if we can get a better deal to have our car repaired and thats when i come across Eurotekk and spoke with Alin (the owner) . From the get go i already know that i can trust him because he spent time talking to me answering all my questions about the vehicle and giving me advice on what to do eventhough we havent even seen eachother yet. We are very very satisfied with the services that Alin provided and he always gives his true ,honest opinion ..He also gives his time to talk to us even on his busy hours. Now to add a liitle bit more on the side, We met Elizabeth (Alin’s wife) and just like Alin she is a very , very nice person . They both run their business the way a business should be run and i am thankful i found a place where i can be very comfortable. Thanks Alin and Elizabeth !!!

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton – by Art K.

”…we are satisfied with the results, and the knowledge and service Alin has provided”

The dealership told us that our BMW was leaking coolant for the air conditioner. We looked up Eurotekk on the internet, and brought it in for a second opinion.

Alin told us that there was a misdiagnosis from the dealership – there was no coolant leak, and the issue was a combination of not selecting the proper air conditioner settings and potential engine oil vaporization into the cabin from a leaky hose, which may explain why the engine sounded so rough.

My wife noted that unlike the staff at the dealership, Alin was very courteous and professional, taking time to explain everything in a very clear, detailed, and logical fashion, helping us understand what the issue is with our vehicle.

After replacing the vacuum hose and clearing out the carbon build up from the engine, our vehicle runs extremely well, and we are satisfied with the results, and the knowledge and service Alin has provided.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton – by Ian C.

“…always advises what repairs are necessary and how to prioritize.”

Alin does a great job, he never tries to sell you more than you need. He always advises what repairs are necessary and how to prioritize. My X5 is now in great condition.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton – by Jaspal V.

“…very professional to deal with…”

When I took my car to Alin, I had a challenging proposition, to which Alin accepted with open arms. He took the time to overlook everything on the car to make sure if it was worth going through with the job. He even showed me issues that I thought were resolved when another shop made the install. One month later, I was highway driving and a rockchip shattered my sunroof, contacted Alin and for sure I was back on the road with in 4-5 days. Overall very professional to deal with, someone who knows what they are talking about.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton – by Shereen I.

“Really appreciate that they take such great care of my BMW.”

Professional, thorough, informative and reliable. I leave understanding what the problem was and how it was fixed. Really appreciate that they take such great care of my BMW. Thank you Eurotekk.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton – by George B.

“No hidden extra work or surcharges…”

I was most impressed with Alin’s mechanical expertise and comprehensive subject knowledge. After an initial inspection of my vehicle he sat down with me and advised me of recommended repair work to be undertaken on my 318ti. I received a detailed quote incl. cost estimate upfront. No hidden extra work or surcharges – I knew exactly what I was going to be in for. I was also updated on the delivery status of genuine spare parts Alin would order on my behalf. The icing on the cake for someone, who has always been very interested in car mechanics, was to be in his repair shop and watch him perform the work! Of course, you may also wait in the reception area, read some BMW magazines or have a nice chat with Elizabeth!

Any future repair work on my car – I know whom I will trust taking care of my bimmer!

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton– by Darren P.

“…saving me the extra cost in the future.”

Awesome service and very knowledgeable. I called for a transmission service and asked for a quote as I was used to doing but Alin explained that it is best if he can take a look at my car first and see what is really needed before starting to throw numbers at me. Although I have never heard that before from any other shop I thought it made sense and decide to give it a try. I am glad I did as my harness from the transmission was leaking as well and it’s been done at the same time, saving me the extra cost in the future. He showed everything to me before beginning the work.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton– by Allan L.

“…quality of repair is much higher than at the local BMW dealerships…”

I have used Eurotekk a few times now for my BMW 335i X-Drive and I am always impressed by the service from Alin. He will go into detail what part needs to be replaced and explain to you why it’s causing the issue because he is the owner and auto technician that works on your car.
I find the quality of repair is much higher than at the local BMW dealerships because you don’t have novice mechanics working on your car but instead a very experienced technician equivalent to the shop foreman at the dealerships.
If you haven’t used Eurotekk before, I would recommend you give them a try.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton– by Steven D.

“…positive experience, and gained greater knowledge of what was going on with my vehicle.”

I’ve been to Eurotekk many times now getting several services done. Every time I’ve been here I’ve had positive experience, and gained greater knowledge of what was going on with my vehicle. Allen explains everything he’s doing very professionally and therough. He has reasonable prices for his work. Recently I brought my car to Bavaria BMW to get my summer rims/tires switched over. They said my bolts were all seized, damaged and overtorqued. They wanted to charge me 680$ for the most simple tires change. I picked up my car from Bavaria and brought it to Allen where he showed me how easy the tire change really was. He had all my wheels untorqued in a matter of minutes and said he would only charge me for the standard rims swop. Great to have someone like Allen around.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton – by Desi T.

“I’m sure he can help you with whatever your trying to achieve and more…”

I was prompted to seek Eurotekk’s services since we purchased our first BMW Vehicle and we needed some services to be done. Since I don’t like the big-dealership mentality when it comes to servicing any of my vehicles, I asked a friend where he took his BMW and he recommended Eurotekk. We purchased our vehicle used and I knew it had a slight hesitation when taking off from the start so I wanted this looked at. I also wanted a complete inspection done along with an engine oil change since this vehicle has a lot more options than I’m used to, to say the least. After talking with Alin and doing a quick tour of his shop the first time, I found the way he talked about the vehicle gave me the confidence to trust him to work on it. I described the problems we had with the vehicle and he researched some of the upgrades that had taken place for that make & model. He detailed it, explaining it and turned it into a quotation along with other minor problems that he explained and showed me. We decided to get all the work done and he was good enough to take it in and finish it on a weekend, which provided us quick results without being stranded too long without a vehicle for any length of time.

Working with Eurotekk was successful since we know much more about this vehicle and he solved all the problems we had with it, Alin found many leaks under the hood and was courteous enough to clean this all up before he put all the covers back on after the repairs, I don’t think you get this type of service from a dealership. Alin is knowledgeable about these vehicles and he understood that I wanted to know more than the average client. He was happy to share this with me on his own time. Take a walk through his shop, talk with him and discuss what you want to get out of your vehicle, I’m sure he can help you with whatever your trying to achieve and more.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton – by Martin S.

“Alin provides fast and professional service.”

I wanted to buy a nice used BMW and get it all fixed up and ready to go. I needed some work done and knew that ahead of time. Alin worked with me up front so I knew what I was getting into. Everything seems to be great! Alin provides fast and professional service. Alin takes the time to show me problems before the work is to be done. Offers suggestions on things that can wait or aren’t really an issue. Does not charge for work that isn’t needed. I would say if you own an imported German vehicle, its a great place to go. I’ve already sent EuroTekk’s info to two co-workers. If you are a client, he will make sure you are taken care of.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance – BMW repair review – Edmonton – by Paul M.

“I have never witnessed such exceptional customer service…”

I was looking for a business that would offer exceptional service and a reasonable price. Before frequenting Eurotekk, I did my due diligence by reading up on the opinions of Edmonton’s repair shops specializing in BMW from various European car blogs and forums, and there seems to be consensus on places like World Class Auto, Triska Auto etc. So, I called and left a message with Don (from World Class Auto) with what was wrong with my car, but my call was never returned. Given my car was steadily dripping oil and mucking up the block that was professionally detailed along with the rest of the car so diagnosing the source of the leak would be that much easier, I was both let down and annoyed with this lack of professionalism.

My search for someone who could help me continued, until I found a place that seemed reputable and also had a warranty on parts and labour. I simply drove by to solicit an opinion and acquire a quote; I arrived with no intent on leaving my car. I was pleasantly greeted by the proprietor, Alin, who assessed my car for the oil leak I was having. He noticed gear number 1 and 2 were grinding, which was something I was already aware of—since the synchro gear are worn out in these gears. I could see this was someone who wasn’t in the habit of duping his customers.

Upon jacking up the car and diagnosing the oil leak as a faulty oil filter housing he mentioned that it should be an easy fix. He also alerted me to the fact that one side my car was differently suspended from the other, the ball joints and tie rods needed replacing, and that my AC and serpentine belt were cracked. I got all these issues taken care of.

I came with an obvious problem—the oil leak—and few secondary but no less serious problems and all issues were resolved. My 1992 BMW 325is drives like new now.

Alin mentioned that the oil leak was a simple fix and the diagnosis was free since there was hardly any work involved in tracing the problem. He also noticed that I needed to replace certain components in my suspension (tie rods, ball joints, springs, and shocks), AC and serpentine belt, in addition to the oil leak. He mentioned, that replacing the oil filter housing involved taking a few components off that would allow for him to do some of the other work, which he politely recommended I take care of, but ultimate left the decision up to me.

One of the qualities that I must highlight about Eurotekk is honesty. Instead of tagging on unforeseen work and labour you have full disclosure and you decide from start to finish what is done with your car. The ramifications of each decision are explained to you. I of course asked about the ramifications of each component and whether I really needed to replace it and I was met with an honest answer. It is rare to find someone who will so openly tell you that you have X, Y, Z wrong with your car, but that you need only worry about X for now.

Alin and I seem to believe in preventative maintenance, so I told him to take care of all the things that were wrong or heading down that road. I’ve been driving the car for two months since Alin worked on it and I am overjoyed with how well it handles. Eurotekk, namely Alin, gave me a discount wherever he could, and he combined labour hours to maximize efficiency all so that I could save a few dollars here or there. I have never witnessed such exceptional customer service, and this is precisely why I will be coming back! Not to mention whenever I had a question I was met with a knowledgeable answer that was communicated in language I could understand.

I read a few reviews online and by and large people had good things to say. When I called to book an appointment to diagnose my oil leak, the gentleman who answered (Alin) seemed genuinely interested in what was wrong, asking where the leak was originating from, how long it had been persisting etc.

Alin was also very accommodating, and instead of booking me in a few days he accommodated me that very afternoon and within 2 hours of calling I had found out the state my car was in and how much everything was going to cost.

If you are on the fence about Eurotekk, at the very least see what he has to say. He is truly a knowledgeable man and his wife Elizabeth is a very friendly lady much like her husband. So when you put 1 and 1 together you will get friendly, quality, honest, and fair priced work, which is guaranteed for 2 years, or 40,000 miles.

If you are worried about getting cheated of your hard earned money by having more work done than you bargained for, fear not, Eurotekk will respect your vehicle like their own and cater to their customer’s needs.

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