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Whenever there is a crime involving vehicles there is the risk of some individuals benefiting from insurance fraud. There is always the possibility that an insurance claim has been falsely reported and the person reporting it stands to gain a significant settlement if the claim is successful. As a result of these false claims, many insurance companies require an insurance inspection before issuing an insurance policy on a new or pre-owned vehicle.

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Mandatory Insurance Inspections on Pre-Owned Cars

Pre-owned cars require an inspection if they are being insured by certain companies, (please check the policy of your insurance agency before purchasing a used vehicle in Alberta). Mandatory insurance inspections, as required by some insurance companies, are a way to assist with controlling their costs and providing better rates. Whenever an insurance company receives a request for coverage for a newly purchased vehicle or when a vehicle changes carriers there will often be a mandatory insurance inspection.

Insurance Inspection Checklist

The inspection is designed to assess the physical condition of the vehicle, but also to prove that the vehicle does in fact exist. A vehicle insurance inspection will involve, among other things, visual documentation to validate that a vehicle is real. It will also document the physical condition of the vehicle at the time of the inspection for insurance records related to replacement value.

Additional records of interest to insurance company are:

  • Overall physical condition of the vehicle.
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN).
  • The aftermarket accessories on the vehicle.
  • The mileage on a vehicle’s odometer.
  • The make, model, and year of the vehicle.

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