Maneuvering a vehicle is very difficult without brakes, especially at high speeds and in unpredictable environments. As such, it is important to check and maintain your brakes often.

Stopping a vehicle, especially when going fast, takes a lot of energy, and can cause strain on braking system and the vehicle as a whole. The act of breaking is essentially transforming motion energy into heat energy using friction from the brake discs and brake pads. Over time, consistent braking will wear down the pads evenly across the brakes, although sudden stops, and holding onto the brakes when unnecessary can cause warps in the break discs.

The wearing down is natural, and will happen over time. Brakes are designed so that once they wear down a certain amount, they will begin to squeal to notify the driver that it is time for replacement. As well, some newer vehicles come equipped with a light in the vehicle that turns on when it is time to service the brakes.

Checking the brakes is simple, especially if you have disk brakes. The easiest way is to remove the wheel from the vehicle and measure the pads. If the pads are less than a quarter-inch thick, soon it will be the time to have them replaced.

Front brakes tend to wear down the fastest, because when a vehicle is stopping, all the weight puts pressure mostly on the front end. The front brakes usually carry about 70% of the stopping power, while the back brakes only carry 30%.

For parking brakes (e-brakes), as the brake shoes wear down they may need to be tightened to make sure that they are as close to the drums so that they need as little pressure as possible to hold the vehicle from moving; or to stop in emergency conditions.

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