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Eurotekk Automotive and Performance in Edmonton is equipped to do all your clutch replacements and upgrades. The clutch in your European import will wear with normal use; however, some driving behaviours may burn out a clutch faster than expected. It is not unusual for a clutch to wear out long before the car does.

Any clutch, regardless of driving patterns, will wear out in time. The phrase ‘burning a clutch’ describes the premature wearing out of clutch, generally caused by too much heat from riding the clutch while shifting gears. Alternatively, a clutch can be effectively burnt out by glazing, which is also caused by excessive heat on the pressure plate making the surface slippery. The smooth, ‘glazed’ plates prevent the clutch from grabbing properly, effectively making it feel like a worn out clutch, before it was due for replacement.

When it comes to estimating the life of a clutch, a lot depends on how you use your clutch. It also depends on how hot the climate is and on the type of car you drive. Fortunately, we don’t experience extreme heat that very often in Alberta over the summer, and never in the winter.

A clutch may last anywhere from 30,000 miles (48,000 kilometers), to 175,000 miles (282,000 kilometers) with careful use. If the clutch is being raced at high rate, and it isn`t designed for racing, it will not last. Whatever the life of your clutch is, if it is worn out, bring your BMW, Audi, or Mercedes-Benz to Eurotekk for the best service in Edmonton.

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Signs Your Clutch Is Due For Replacement

Burning smell: Your clutch can be damaged through excessive wear and tear on the clutch plate caused by overheating. This problem is caused by riding the clutch, especially in slow-moving traffic. Smoke is another indication of overheating.

Slipping out of gear: This is a good indication that the clutch is worn and should be replaced.

Clutch sticking: This may not necessarily indicate clutch failure, but instead indicates a leak in the hydraulic line, which will still need to be repaired.

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Proper use of your clutch is the best way to maintain it. This means, you should avoid using your clutch when you don’t need to. Don’t keep constant pressure on your clutch because this will cause it to wear prematurely. Still, whenever your clutch is due for replacement, contact Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc. to repair your European import.

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