A limited slip differential (LSD) can greatly improve your vehicle’s power and handling while cornering and, more applicable to Alberta, gives you better traction control in slippery winter driving conditions.

When an LSD is installed, it allows the gears in the differential to rotate at different speeds, yet supply torque (rotational force) to each axle. How this helps in Alberta, is if instead of when one wheel is on ice, and another wheel is mounted firmly on pavement (in case of the open differential) the wheel on ice will spin at twice the speed of the ring gear, while the wheel on the pavement will not spin at all.

That is because the wheel that spins freely on the ice, receives almost all the torque available, versus the wheel on the ground receives very little or no torque at all.

In the LSD differential case, each wheel is receiving torque and your vehicle will be able to get traction, regardless of having one wheel on ice and the other on a non-slippery surface.

LSD installations are more common in performance driving. It important in racing that when a car is cornering at high speeds, the weight shifts outside the corner due to centrifugal force and may effectively increase or decrease the weight placed on the drive wheels.

However, having an LSD (the aftermarket, limited slip differential) installed on your car can provide almost any torque-bias level depending upon the arrangement of the clutch discs and strength of the springs inside. Alin, at Eurotekk can provide more information and recommend what type of LSD would work best for your car and your driving style.

An LSD is engineered to still supply torque (power) to the outside wheel as the inside wheel begins to slip (when the weight is shifted off of it). This can help in wet or winter driving conditions. So this is a racing technology that is particularly well adapted to daily driving in Alberta.

Have an LSD Installed on Your Car

Alin at Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc. has the experience necessary to property evaluate your needs as a driver and match these needs with the right limited slip differential (LSD) set-up for your European import. Call Eurotekk today to learn more.

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