The air filter is just one small component in the greater system that is your engine. It has a small, yet very important job in making sure that the air getting into your engine is free of dust, dirt, and any airborne debris that can wreak havoc on your engine from the inside.

A clean air filter is the first step in making sure that your engine oil is able to do its job properly, as debris will be collected and distributed throughout the engine by the oil, which circulates through most systems involved with internal combustion.

The contaminants of the air, such dust, also have the ability to scratch, and eventually break down the metals if they collect and circulate at high speeds.

As well, engines are designed to function best with just the right oxygen/fuel mixtures, which will be interrupted by debris getting caught in the air metering devices, altering they function. At first, this causes a subtle change in efficiency, although it will get worse over time as the air filter loses its ability to collect debris from the outside environment.

The simple solution to making sure your car is running as best as possible is to simply check your air filter every time you do an oil change. Usually an air filter needs to be changed every 10,000 kilometers, or twice a year. Although that can change depending on the conditions that you commonly drive in. As well, different engines have different air filter needs.

You may also need to change your air filter more often if you find yourself driving in dusty conditions with regularity, such driving down dirt roads, or on streets that aren’t well cleaned.

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