Muffler Replacement and Upgrade

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc. in Edmonton can provide you with a number of options to replace or upgrade the muffler in your European import. When it comes to retrofitting a muffler for your Audi, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz, Alin at Eurotekk has all the experience you want for repairing, or replacing your muffler, and servicing related issues.

Diagnosing Muffler Problems

Muffler related problems can be identified in a few different ways. If you recognize any of the symptoms listed below, you may want to consider bringing your vehicle in to Eurotekk to have Alin diagnose the issue and offer the best solution for your car.

  • Unusual sounds while driving, which could be described as hissing or rattling.
  • Exhaust running louder than normal,
  • If you find you are using more fuel,
  • If you see the check engine light on, or
  • If there is rust or soot coating your exhaust pipe.

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Alin’s approach to service has always been to take the time to ensure that you know exactly what service your car requires and to explain why it’s recommended. Over the years, this approach has established Alin as a skilled, and honest mechanic that you can trust with your high performance vehicle.

Get the best repairs in Edmonton, and bring your vehicle into Eurotekk. Your muffler is what people most often hear as you drive, so get the service you need to keep you car sounding as good as it should.

Custom Performance Exhaust Systems

You European import was engineered to be a a performance and luxury vehicle. Let Eurotekk help you get the most out of your driving experience with the latest in custom performance exhaust systems. We can install a full range of the highest quality muffler and exhaust systems made to fit your BMW, Audi, or Mercedes-Benz, as well, Eurotekk is equipped and able to customize your vehicle to any exhaust system style, including double and quadruple exhaust.

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Alin has over 30 years of auto repair experience and he is here to help you make you car sound and perform the way a prestigious European import should. Contact Eurotekk today for sound advice and the best service in Edmonton.

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