We’ve all had long drives late at night on roads with no lighting. These drives can be intense as we strain our eyes to make sure there is nothing on the road, and no quick corners coming up that could be dangerous.

As well, here in Edmonton, constant fluctuations in the weather put stress on the roads and make them more susceptible to cracking, which can form potholes and other dangerous obstacles for your vehicle. As well, the winter driving season can bring many challenges for drivers, especially late at night.

Testing your headlights is an important step for making sure that you and your vehicle are ready for anything that comes along the way.

It isn’t uncommon to hear about people running into wildlife, such as deer, wolves, or even moose when driving through the mountains during dusk and dawn. Accidents like these can cost a lot of money to fix and can even be fatal. Sometimes, all you can see are their blinded eyes as you approach. Checking your headlights is a small step that can go a long way towards making sure that your vehicle is ready for this situation.

Testing your headlights is simple, and can be done at home, or by your automotive mechanic.

Headlights and headlight alignment should be checked every now and then or whenever a headlight assembly is changed to ensure that your vehicle is ready for anything.

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Bring your vehicle in to Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc. in Edmonton for a comprehensive headlight test or to have dim or broken headlights replaced and aligned. Alin at Eurotekk has 30 years of experience doing automotive repairs, upgrades, and tuneups and can provide quality service with an unheard of warranty.

Make sure that when the unexpected happens, you’re able to see it coming from far away.

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