Intake and Head Gasket Repair

The head gasket is the seal between a vehicles’s engine block and cylinder head. When these seals develop a leak, it is known as a “blown” head gasket. A leak in your vehicle’s head gasket can result in major repairs if not caught early. Preventative maintenance is the best way to stave off a blown head gasket and avoid a relatively minor repair from turning into serious engine damage.

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Head Gasket Replacement

Head gasket repair is not particularly expensive for the parts alone; however, the price of the total repair can be significant. There is an extensive amount of labour required to remove the old, worn, head gasket and install a new one. When due, head gasket replacement is necessary. Untreated blown gaskets will cause even more serious damage to the engine such as overheating and subsequent warping of the block/cylinder head. All of these damages will lead to even more involved and costly engine repairs. It is best to have your gasket maintained by a professional.

There are three fluid systems in an internal combustion engine: the fuel, a water based coolant, and oil for lubrication. These fluids are vital, but must never be allowed to mix.

In addition to sealing the cylinder, the head gasket will seal coolant and oil from the head and block. Any mixing between them will cause engine failure, or significant problems like burning oil or coolant (check for smoke in the exhaust).

  • Blue exhaust smoke may be indicative of oil burning.
  • White exhaust smoke may indicate coolant burning.
  • Black exhaust smoke may indicate excessive fuel burning.

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