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When Alin at Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc. changes your engine oil, he will drain the old oil out and replace it with a quality new oil, specified for your car’s needs. Not all oils are the same and there are important differences between these lubricants that will impact your vehicles performance. Get the right oil for your car, see Alin in Edmonton today.

Whenever the oil is replaced, the oil filter will be replaced at the same time. Changing your engine oil is one of the easiest and most important things you can do to avoid major repairs on your vehicle.

There are differing opinions on when your vehicles oil needs to be changed, when oil is too old, and how often it needs to be changed to prevent it from re-depositing sediment throughout your engine. The sediment build-up caused by dirty engine oil increases the chances that the engine’s moving parts will wear faster, due to the contaminants from the oil, acting like an abrasive agent. The contaminants from the oil place undue stress on your seals and will cause them to deteriorate faster and they will need to be replaced sooner.

The factors that contribute to oil contamination are: how hard you drive, the condition, and age of the engine, the environmental conditions of the region(s), and whether you do predominately steady highway, or abrupt urban driving, the oil / filter changes intervals.

Filters have a wide range of recommended mileages between 3,000 to 5,000 miles (5,000 to 8,000 km) depending on the engine’s oil capacity. It is generally better to replace your oil and filter sooner rather than later. The cleaner your oil, the better your car will run and the longer it will last.

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Benefits of Regular Oil Service

Oil experiences a thermal breakdown due to the high operating temperature in your car’s engine. As this breakdown happens over time, the oil looses it’s ability to be an effective lubricant. In addition to thermal breakdown, oil picks up the impurities in your engine and will carry this ‘dirt’ (water, dust and combustion byproducts) throughout your engine and cause corrosion. When the oil become ineffective, your engine’s components will heat up due to the increased friction and may seize if the oil is too low or too badly deteriorated.

There are also additives in the oil that have been engineered to neutralize acids. Over time, these additives get used up and stop being effective, which will again lead to corrosion in your car’s engine.

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Without performing regular oil change service on your vehicle, your engine won’t last. The oil in your engine works to keep your car running smoothly and performing as it was designed to. We recommend bringing your vehicle into Eurotekk to get the top grade oil change service that your car deserves. Come see Alin today.

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