There are many different kinds of engine oil on the market—and every one of them has a slightly different purpose. The first thing that you’ll notice when shopping for engine oil is the two different numbers. These numbers are the oil’s viscosity at different temperatures.

The first number, usually 5W, or 10W (W for winter), is the engine oil’s viscosity at low temperatures, such as those found in the winter.  The higher the number on the bottle, the less viscous the oil will be at a lower temperature. For example, 10w will be less viscous in minus 40oC than 5W will be. The next number is the viscosity rating at higher temperatures; for example, a 5W-40 oil will be more viscous at a higher temperature than 5W-30 will be.

That being said, purchasing oil that is rated higher at low temperatures is no excuse for not letting your vehicle warm up during the cold months in Edmonton. Allowing your car to warm up will ensure that the oil has thinned enough to protect your engine and keep it running efficiently. More viscous oil means that your engine will have to work harder to more the same distance.

Different engines have different needs. Some engines, such as those in performance vehicles run at higher temperatures, and need engine oil that will stay viscous at a higher temperature so they can continue to perform. Most performance vehicles use synthetic engine oil that is designed for these specific purposes.

The best way to know what your engine needs is to look in the owners manual. There it will tell you exactly what your vehicle needs to continue to run on time in an efficient manner.

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As vehicles age, their needs may change, as the normal wear steps in. Contact Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc. to get an oil change as well as all of the facts regarding your engine’s oil needs. Service your oil as soon as you pass the 5,000 km mark in some vehicles or 8,000 km in others,depending on the oil capacity; or if the light comes on in your dash.
Leaving an oil change for “later” can seriously damage your engine.

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