Check your oil regularly to make sure that you are not overdue for an oil change


Changing your engine oil every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometers (depending on the amount of oil in your car’s engine), is vital to your vehicle’s long-term performance.

Think of the engine oil like your blood cells. After a while, the cells begin to break down, losing their ability to transport oxygen and other nutrients, which can damage sensitive areas of the body.

Even though oil doesn’t provide oxygen to the engine, it does provide necessary lubrication. Engine oil loses its viscosity after extended exposure to heat, meaning that it begins to move faster, by diminishing its viscosity, limiting its ability to effectively lubricate (maintain pressure) and cool the engine.

Another danger is dirt. No matter how old or how clean your engine is, the oil will always pick up dirt and other contaminants. The oil filter is designed to take these contaminants out of the system so that it does not collect in the engine, however, the filter can only take out so much before it starts giving them back to the oil.

Eventually, the oil begins to clump and collect in different areas of the engine, forming thick layers of soot around the pistons as well as anywhere within the engine. These layers add pressure to the entire system, much in the same way that cholesterol builds up in the arteries and put pressure on the heart.

Changing your oil and filter every 5,000 kilometers (or 8,000 kilometers – depending on the vehicle), is the best way to keep your engine running efficiently and on time. An oil change is a simple procedure, and doing it on time, every time will add years to the life of your engine.

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