Shock Replacement and Repair

Your shocks are necessary to allow your car to absorb the bumps and vibrations caused by the road surface and give you a pleasurable and smooth driving experience. Additional vibrations will also affect the general wear transferred throughout your vehicle. Proper maintenance of your suspension system can protect the rest of your vehicle’s components and give you a more enjoyable ride.

As with all components on your vehicle, shocks and struts will wear down and require routine maintenance over the life-time of your car to function effectively.

It is not always easy to determine when you struts and shocks are in need of service. To ensure that these components are working as they should, we recommend that you have you vehicle inspected regularly to protect your Audi, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz from untimely malfunction.

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How to Tell if Your Shocks Need Service?

While it can be difficult to visually inspect your shocks for wear, there are some performance indicators that can inform you if your suspension system requires service:

  • Steering: If your vehicle feels loose on the road, and the steering has become less responsive, including “body roll” while cornering.
  • Stopping: When you shocks and struts become worn there will be a disproportionate amount of weight transferred to the front wheels, this may increase stopping distances. Also, if you feel your car dips down while braking.
  • Stability: A wearing down of the shocks and struts can cause your vehicle to feel unstable and will affect your ability to maneuver. Shocks/struts have either a gas or liquid in them. Over time the seals wear out the fluid/gas leaks out and the shocks will not be as effective. Your tires need to maintain consistent contact with the road, without this, it can cause them to wear out faster and irregularly.

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A tire will become worn irregularly if your vehicle has worn out shocks/struts. So if you see any uneven wear on the treads of your tires, contact Alin at Eurotekk to get you car looked at and have your suspension serviced before a minor misalignment becomes a more serious issue.

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