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Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc. has the facilities and equipment to perform whatever service your Audi, BMW, or Mercedes-Benz may require. We are also able to inspect you current turbocharger and provide replacement options and upgrades.

With regular maintenance and service Eurotekk can extend the life and performance of your turbo charged European import.

Turbocharger Maintenance

The primary causes of maintenance related turbocharger failures are often the result of:

• Engine prolonged cranking upon starting,
• Engine cooling loss, and
• Prolonged engine oil service with a low quality oil filter.

Abrupt starting and driving will places stress on your turbocharger and will cause it to wear faster. It is best not to simply get the car in gear and go. Once the car is turned on, you should allow the oil coming from the pump to the turbocharger to start to flow. There will be a short delay as the oil is re-directed to the turbocharger to get it ready to perform.

Your car’s oil is what lubricates the turbo, and it is critical that this oil is allowed sufficient time to circulate in order to prevent damage to the bearings in the turbocharger. From the moment your engine is started, the turbocharger is already achieving a higher RPM than your motor.

Ideally,during the warmer season you should allow your car to sit idle for 3 to 5 minutes before driving. During the cold season you should allow the engine to idle at least until you feel warm air in the vents, meaning the engine is warm.

Cold oil is thick and slow to flow through all of the oil passages, lines and filters found in the oiling system. This is especially true in your car’s turbocharger. It also especially important that your turbocharger has the oil it needs because the turbo rotates at extremely high speeds and damage caused by insufficient lubrication would happen faster than in the rest of the engine components.

On turbocharged engines, the oil change is recommended to be about 2000 KM less than a “non-turbo“ engine. That is because of the extreme temperature of the turbo, to which the engine oil is exposed.

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Supercharger Service and Replacement

Supercharged cars operate on similar principals to any other motor vehicle; however, there are a number of significant differences in the required maintenance and service of these high performance vehicles. In a supercharged car, extra air is forced into the engine to create more power. This is called ‘forced induction’ and it puts the engine under stress on the engine to operate with forced induction. Since the supercharger is a ‘power-adder’, it will place extra stress on your car’s engine. As an owner of BMW, Audi, or Mercedes-Benz with a supercharger, there are certain precautions that you should take to keep your European import in performing at its best. In particular, supercharged cars are heavily dependant on their cooling system to keep them at a safe running temperature. Alin, the owner of Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc., can inspect your car’s supercharger system and note any areas of concern and suggest possible performance improvements.

Supercharger Maintenance

As with any vehicle, there is required maintenance, and a high performance supercharged car will offer you a years of enjoyable driving if properly taken care of. We’ve include a short list of maintenance tips for your supercharged car:

  • Engine Oil: Make sure that you follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and check your oil frequently to make sure your car is protected.
  • Coolant and Temperature: Supercharged cars are especially vulnerable to damage from overheating. Always be aware of your temperature gauge and the condition of your coolant.
  • Fuel: Having quality fuel is an especially important issue for supercharged cars. As a rule, a supercharged car should be run on premium gasoline.
  • Air Filtration: A clogged air filter puts unnecessary strain on the supercharger and hurts performance.
  • Transmission: Your transmission needs to transfer the additional power of a supercharged engine. It follows that there will be extra stress placed on your vehicle’s transmission, so always be aware of the condition of your transmission and service it regularly to keep it shifting and performing on par with your supercharged vehicle.
  • As drivers, we tend to treat performance vehicles differently than other cars and drive them harder and faster. As a result, the tires, clutch, and brakes will wear down faster.

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Supercharged cars are a lot of fun to drive. That’s why it’s worth going through to extra effort it takes to maintain them. Although, If your supercharged car is experiencing an engine knock or hesitating, stop driving right away and get your car to our shop. The hard driving is what the vehicle was engineered to do, but be sure to get the proper servicing to keep your European import performing the way it should. Book an appointment with Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc. to ensure the proper maintenance of your supercharged European muscle car.

If your turbocharger is not longer performing as it should, visit Alin at Eurotekk today to get the service your European import deserves.

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