Suspension Service, Repair and Replacement

Your vehicles suspension must be maintained to ensure that you have safe and responsive control and stopping. The suspension system in your European import is complex and requires routine maintenance to work effectively and as the manufacturer intended. A worn suspension system can increase the cost of related automotive repairs such as irregular tire wear.

Alin Marinescu, the owner of Eurotekk Automotive and Performance Inc. has the experience and facilities to perform all the suspension repairs and service that your vehicle may require. All work can be quoted in advance so there are few surprises as to extent of the repairs required.

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Suspension System Problems

Alin can perform a thorough inspection of your suspension system to identify where the problem is, some indications that you may need suspension work on your vehicle:

  • Compressor operation in auto-levelling air ride springs.
  • Leaks in air lines.
  • Noise from ball joints with excessive play.
  • Play or wear in the control arm bushing.
  • Broken or cracked coil or leaf springs.
  • Leaking or rusted shocks and struts.
  • Noisy or sticky upper strut mount plates and bearing plates.
  • Noise from worn sway bar bushings.
  • Noise from worn sway bar links.

Modern suspension repairs and services require specialized equipment to diagnose, and re-align your vehicle’s suspension and steering. Eurotekk, in Edmonton, is equipped with the right technology for the job.

Eurotekk Suspension Repairs and Services

We can provide the following suspension services and repairs:

• Bushing Replacements
• Pitman Arm
• King Pins
• Control Arms
• Air Ride Systems
• Idler Arms
• Stabilizer Links and Bushings
• Diagnostics
• Shocks and Struts
• Ball Joints
• Tie Rods
• Leaf Springs
• Coil Springs

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A loss of control of decreased handling can be caused by a suspension system that has become misaligned. Correct your vehicle from pulling unequally and bring your import to Eurotekk to have your suspension realigned and get the professional repair services you need.

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