Standing out above the rest.

Standing out above the rest.

Standing out above the rest.

We provide maintenance and custom servicing

With the help of the latest diagnostic technology and tools, we provide service, maintenance and repair for your AMG, Mercedes, or BMW regardless of the manufacturing year, model, or mileage. Our methodology is based on factory maintenance plans combined with our high expertise as performance providers. As there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to luxury vehicles we always have in mind each and every car’s individual condition. Once you have your car serviced at EUROTEKK you will never take it to the dealership again.

Our Method

After an initial assessment of the car – as a courtesy, to which you can assist, time permitting – we will proceed to an in-depth diagnosis process. The results will be presented to you together with an estimate for the repair as well as advice on what to prioritize should that be the case. We never provide estimates over the phone without having had the chance to properly run our diagnosis. We only perform work based on our own diagnosis. Finding and fixing the issue from the first time saves everybody a lot of money and frustration.


Scheduled maintenance with mechanical inspection, is a wise investment. By taking a proactive approach we ensure that the value of your vehicle remains high. At EUROTEKK service intervals are based on the vehicle’s condition and geographical location. We are providing a custom maintenance, depending on the actual use of the vehicle, such on public roads only, track only or a combination of the two. The engine oil and filter will be changed outside of the manufacturer recommendations, based on the actual oil condition. The rule also applies to other items.

Custom Servicing

We perform all necessary repairs to keep your vehicle in optimum condition. When replacing a defective component, we will use only the best parts available on the market. In most cases the aftermarket parts exceed in quality. A good example is aftermarket performance brakes. At the client’s` request we will provide superior components with performance and durability in mind and when applicable, we will advise and execute all the necessary repairs/modifications to accomplish superior results.

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