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At Eurotekk, we specialize in AMG tuning, performance, maintenance, and accessories. Our Edmonton AMG client’s trust us because we have the knowledge, the latest diagnostic equipment, and because we have access to the best AMG performance parts and accessories suppliers from North America and Europe.

At Eurotekk, AMG is our passion
Eurotekk Automotive and Performance
Edmonton AMG Tuning, Performance & Maintenance Specialists
AMG Repair  – Customization – Accessories
30+ years AMG/Mercedes-Benz experience

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There is no point spending over $100,000 on an AMG vehicle and then trying to skimp on maintenance… we don’t, and we advise that you don’t either. Our offers of premium AMG services, parts and accessories are specifically tailored for your AMG based on mileage, body type, and the vehicle’s history. That is why it is important that your AMG vehicle is serviced at one trusted AMG specialized shop.

Eurotekk is your trusted Edmonton AMG/Mercedes specialist

AMG maintenance is not a commodity. AMG service can only be a personalized service. It is important that the vehicle is known by the tech servicing it. Just as the factory has its “One man, One engine” policy, so do we. At Eurotekk, we take care of your AMG from start to finish. We take our time to study the vehicle’s history, we keep recorded data on everything that has been done to it, and its current condition. We can then properly suggest the right maintenance it needs, or if you are interested in tuning, we can recommend the best options for you.

“One man, One engine ” is the pledge of the Affalterbach factory – the AMG engine is hand-built from the beginning to the end by one single Master Mechanic. It is an engineering work of art.

Eurotekk special services for Mercedes/AMG include:

  • High quality racing fluids
  • Racing alignment
  • Personalized maintenance schedule for each AMG individually depending on its current condition
  • Access to premium parts
  • Access to premium accessories for body customization (carbon lips, carbon wings, underbody lights)
  • ECU tuning
  • Turbo upgrades
  • Supercharging
  • Transmission mechanical upgrades
  • Premium exhaust systems

Eurotekk – Edmonton AMG tuning experts

Driving an AMG is a phenomenal experience; power, luxury, raw emotion. But there is more. For the AMG enthusiast who wants everything, Eurotekk is offering the entire Weistec performance product amg tuning edmonton, albertalist. A few of our projects can also be seen on our YouTube and Instagram social media sites.

Eurotekk can increase AMG engine power up to well over 700hp, for a dramatic and unique driving experience. Whether for your daily driver, or for a special day at the quarter-mile track, your AMG will deliver above your wildest expectation. A personalized maintenance schedule developed by Eurotekk will ensure that your AMG is kept in spec condition. High-performance racing lubricants and regular servicing will keep your AMG performing at its best.

Being an AMG owner brings infinite joy, but it also comes with great responsibility. When it comes to performing the required tuning, maintenance, and repairs of your AMG, it takes a specialized performance shop with a great wealth of expertise, thorough knowledge of the product, and a proven track of success in catering to this exclusive brand.

Eurotekk is a dealer for Weistec Engineering Performance Products. Weistec… for the world’s fastest AMG’s

Eurotekk offers the entire Weistec Engineering line of AMG performance products.

AMG tuning, what do I need to know?

If you are a new client, before considering any tuning, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire regarding the vehicle’s condition and history. Based on your answers we can make the necessary recommendations regarding any pre-tuning work that is required so that your AMG can withstand the new horsepower and torque. Sometimes a proper assessment of your AMG’s condition needs to be conducted by an experienced AMG tech.

How can I improve the aerodynamics of my AMG?

Eurotekk has access to some of the best European and North American accessories suppliers. High-quality carbon fiber hoods, wings, and lips are not only for improving aerodynamics but will also give your AMG a more aggressive stance.

What kind of fuel should I use for my AMG?

91 octane fuel is to be used exclusively for the AMG on a regular basis. Should you take the car to the track, it is recommended that 94 octane gasoline is used.

Is it important to follow the Eurotekk personalized AMG maintenance schedule?

Following a maintenance schedule is paramount, both for the tuned and the non-tuned AMG. The personalized maintenance schedule designed by Eurotekk and specifically tailored for your AMG ensures that your car is functioning at its optimum parameters. For the tuned AMG, a personalized maintenance schedule also ensures that you will enjoy the increased power without fearing damage to the car.

Eurotekk Automotive and Performance
Edmonton AMG Maintenance, Tuning & Performance Specialists 
Mercedes/AMG Customization – Repair – Accessories
30+ years AMG/Mercedes-Benz experience

9327 35 Ave. (South Edmonton)

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