EUROTEKK specializes in AMG, Mercedes, and BMW performance tuning.

EUROTEKK specializes in AMG, Mercedes, and BMW performance tuning.

EUROTEKK specializes in AMG, Mercedes, and BMW performance tuning.

What if we told you that your driving experience can be dramatically improved?

That we can transform your AMG, Mercedes, or BMW into a work of art? Conservative modifications such as an ECU tune or major upgrades such as performance turbochargers or superchargers can transform your driving experience regardless on how you use the car. Whether used as a daily driver or occasionally enjoyed for a day at the track, your performance upgraded vehicle will give you a reason to smile every day.

ECU Tuning

One of the performance enhancements EUROTEKK offers is ECU Tuning. The ECU tuning is one of the easiest paths for gaining more performance from your engine. By changing the way the engine computer “thinks” and delivers commands, the engine can output better performance – especially on turbocharged or supercharged vehicles. Faster response, better acceleration, better feeling and firmer torque comes from the engine as a result of ECU tuning. Of course, when associated with other modifications the result can be as much as double or more of the original power output.

Turbochargers & Superchargers

Turbochargers and superchargers upgrades are great to gain performance, to lower your ¼ mile time at the dragstrip or to just take on a mountain road. If it is a 400 HP or up to 1000 HP project, EUROTEKK will do all of the necessary modifications and fitments with professional finishing and looks. Occasionally,  projects will involve design and fabrication of components in order to accomplish the owner`s desired target. In order to gain performance in a proper way, the air that enters the engine needs to be directed by using the least obstructed path and exhaust gases have to exist with the least resistance. Our design always involves functionality and performance first and in cases, EUROTEKK will create one unique performance vehicle – for one unique client.

Who should bring their vehicle to EUROTEKK?

We work with clients who understand quality. Our clients want what is best and we are making sure that they have access to absolutely the best performance parts and accessories. We only work with very reputable brands whose products have proven their quality time after time. We never install anything that we personally do not believe in. That is also the reason why we do not install client provided parts. It is important to us that we deliver a reliable car to our clients to enjoy for a long time.

Methanol Injection

At EUROTEKK, we know the potential negative outcome of uncontrolled heat. When dealing with a lot of horsepower, a fast climb in air charge temperature is inevitable and needs to be well managed – otherwise, the other power gain devices become counterproductive. One good way (besides intercooling) of lowering the air charge temperature is methanol injection because it can quickly absorb heat and drop the air charge temperature by a considerable amount. Lower air temperature also means denser air which allows more fuel to be injected, leading to power gains. We recommended installing the biggest methanol injection tank available for the application so it will last longer between fill-ups.

Performance Exhaust

The performance exhaust should be considered one of the main bases for power gain. It is also one of the quickest improvements for performance gains. A good free-flow exhaust not only keeps the exhaust temperature at bay and enhances the exhaust gases to be easily expelled, but also prolongs engine life. This free-flow exhaust system is superior to a restrictive exhaust system that can lead to premature wear of the engine components and also ruin potential power. A restrictive exhaust means anything from a badly designed exhaust manifold, a clogged catalytic converter, an exaggerated number of turns of the exhaust piping, a bad muffler, and so on. There is no serious power gain project without considering a performance exhaust application. At EUROTEKK, we can offer the best-designed performance exhaust for your application, for both power and sound.

How does it work?

Before starting a project – no matter how big or how small – we will invite you to our shop for a consultation. It is important that we know what your expectations are. Based on your dream list, and our expertise, we will put together the best option for your car. A mechanically sound engine is of paramount importance to any performance upgrade. We always recommend that projects are undertaken during the long Edmonton winter months. Our summers are so short, and we want you to enjoy your performance car as much as possible.

Performance Suspension & Brakes

When the engine performance output leads to great speed levels, attention should be paid to the suspension and braking systems. For many applications, EUROTEKK will help you make the right choice for a suspension upgrade, as that is an important added stability of the vehicle either when the vehicle is used on a road course or for drag racing. A faster (now tuned) car will get a lot quicker from one turn to another on a curvy road so the brakes will be applied harder to slow the car down. That leads to more unmanaged heat buildup and less time to cool down the brakes between turns – which can lead to brake failure if the car is not equipped with a performance braking system. At EUROTEKK, we will equip your performance vehicle with a proper braking system, from big brake kits to carbon brakes. Carbon brakes not only look a lot better and dramatically reduce the unsprung weight, but they can also last three times longer and can be “abused” a lot more than steel brakes.

Carbon Fiber Accessories

EUROTEKK is the home for good looking carbon fiber. Carbon fiber can be either used for appearance or function.  One of the best ways to get the car faster is to lose weight by changing to lighter components. A carbon fiber hood, for example, will shave a good deal of weight – at the same time, it will also extract a lot of engine compartment heat. A good carbon fiber trunk lip spoiler will make a better looking car and also will help to stabilize the back of the car at higher speeds. By adding a carbon fiber front spoiler/splitter the car will be better “glued” to the road. Also, a well-designed carbon fiber cold air intake will add performance to the vehicle while making more sense in the arrangement under the hood, and enhance the looks and the overall engine bay appeal.

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